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IN LONDON, UK? Watch "Incognito Witch: Paint My Life" Friday Aug 8th at Nine Worlds Geekefest 2014

"Incognito Witch: Paint My Life"
at Nine Worlds Film Festival

Friday 8th August

The Nine Worlds Film Festival received short and feature submissions from all over the world. Official selections will screen throughout the weekend. Awards will be announced on the Sunday evening.

These films cover everything from the webcam-diaries of eight year olds to some deeply bizarre Japanese body horror, with topics covering everything from the end of the world to, well, the birth of the world, with plenty of board games, aliens, bad hair days and exploding heads in between.

The film festival is part of Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014 that will take place in London, UK, 8-10 August 2014. It’s about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party.

For a full list of in-competition films visit:

Nine Worlds is your Oyster

by Claire Powell
8th May 2014

Nine Worlds Geekfest burst out of the woodwork in August 2013 in style.
“So, that was Geekfest, a large-scale convention that came out of nowhere around the beginning of the year, funded itself via Kickstarter, occupied a large chunk of two big hotels at Heathrow and had a mind-bogglingly bewildering variety of panels, lectures, games and activities for fans of just about all tastes. And it was, frankly, wonderful,” said Adrian Tchaikovsky.

The inaugural con took place at Heathrow, London with over 1500 attendees. In March 2013, Nine Worlds ran a Kickstarter fundraising drive that was 232% oversubscribed and raised £23,000 (the second most successful convention launch in Kickstarter's history), demonstrating the huge interest for an event of this kind in London. “If you’re looking for a UK version of Dragon*Con, then this is for you. It’s run by geeks for geeks, and it really showed,” said Geek Planet Online.
“Nine Worlds fills a huge gap in the UK con scene, between the more traditional bookish events like EasterCon and FantasyCon . . . and the less focussed multimedia things like the SF Weekender. Nine Worlds has all the potential to be the UK’s equivalent of Dragon Con, which we totally don’t have at the moment,” said Adam Christopher.

“You can imagine our excitement when we found out about the Nine Worlds convention – a weekend of ALL the geekery, where expensive signings and meet and greets had been replaced by workshops and talks on a huge range of topics – literature, sci-fi, vampires, skepticism, Game of Thrones, knitting, Joss Whedon, robotics, maths . . . and so on. Sure, there were expensive signings if that’s what you wanted, but the focus of this con seemed to be different – there seemed to be a real focus on discussion and learning. Pair that with a clear commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive space for ALL geekdom, and we were sold,” said Jessica Lowndes.

Innovative and ground breaking, Nine Worlds brings together a plethora of strands, from the more typical sci-fi tracks featuring gaming, comics, literature, fanfic and film, to Queer Fandom, Steampunk, Skepticism and Geek Feminism. Nine Worlds also hosted the UK's first academic conference on geek culture, with scholars gathering from around the country. This year, new tracks include Food Geekery, Whedon, Podcasting, Future Tech and Race & Culture.

“Nine Worlds has a different shape to anything else on offer right now,” said Paul Cornell The organisers listened to feedback – through an online survey – about the problems associated with spreading the con across two huge conference hotels near Heathrow Airport in 2013, and therefore decided to confine Nine Worlds Geekfest to one hotel in 2014, to preserve the friendly and inclusive atmosphere. The Radisson, Heathrow, is a veteran conference venue and well equipped to deal with the specific requirements of a residential London event such as Nine Worlds.

Traditionally, con-goers are seen as the cliché - white, cisgender men. This can lead to people who don’t fall into that category feeling intimidated, or maybe even at risk. At Nine Worlds, diversity and inclusion are hugely important foundations for the event. Specifically, it aims to dump the sexism that infests many geek spaces and sci-fi cons. There is a strong anti-harassment policy and Nine Worlds endeavours to maintain a safe space for women, LGBT+ people, disabled people, and other groups that are often marginalised at geek/fandom events.

“I think one of the biggest compliments I can give to the organisers of the event is that it felt like Geekfest had been running for years already. I know it’s really early days for this convention but to me it’s already up there with the best we have to offer to Geeks and the rest of the convention organisers should be worried – there’s a new kid in town and, if you want to stay ahead, you’re going to have to pick your game up massively . . . It’s going to be one of the first conventions I look out for when organising my geek events . . . I can’t stress this enough – if you didn’t attend this year make sure you book up early for next year, you may be disappointed otherwise,” said Geek Syndicate.

IN SYRACUSE, NY? "Incognito Witch: You Me Us" at ArtRage Gallery. Reception Sat, Sept 6th, 7-9pm


"Incognito Witch: You Me Us" at ArtRage Gallery
by Mollie Kellogg 60x48, Mixed Media,

 showing at:

September 6 - October 18, 2014 
Opening Reception Saturday, September 6th from 7-9pm

G.C.C. is the first juried exhibition hosted by the ArtRage Gallery! The submission process was open to all contemporary artists, including Central New York artists, who are creating work that fits the ArtRage mission to inspire resistance, promote social awareness, support social justice, challenge preconceptions, and encourage cultural change. The result is an exhibition of the work of 24 artists, one-third of whom are from Central New York, that reveals their diverse talent and demonstrates the range of social and environmental issues that concern many of today’s artists. The exhibition had three jurors: Mary Murray, the curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Munson-Williams Proctor Arts Institute; Debora Ryan, an independent curator whose more than two decades of museum experience include 13 years as the curator at the Everson Museum of Art; and Rose Viviano, ArtRage Gallery’s curator and director.

GLOBALissues. CLIMATEmatters. SocialCHANGE.

Exhibiting Artists:
Ben Altman, Marlena Buczek Smith, Christine Chin, Paula Everitt, Justyne Fischer, Aaron Greiner, Kathe A. Harrington, Ruth A. Keitz, Mollie Kellogg, Robert Knight, Stephen Koharian, Pam McLaughlin, Richard Meyer, Bobbette M. Morgan, Andrew Oritz, Paul W. Pearce, Jim Ridlon, Elizabeth S. Riker, Stone Riley, Debra Roach, Justin Wayne Shaw, James Skvarch and Katelyn Tudi.

505 Hawley Avenue Syracuse, NY
Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm and Sat 12-4pm
Excerpt from
ArtRage logo design credit 2014 Laurie Gilmore Selleck

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Incognito Witch: Missing You" Rehearsal Pics (animated gif)

G the Incognito Witch has been feeling neglected as Artwork by Mollie Kellogg has been getting more of my attention. So, I created this little animated gif to reassure her I am working on her next video, though a little further behind schedule than she would like. It is a dance video with original music and introduces the new character, Ginger Anxiety!! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are you suppressing your Inner Magick?


Artist and filmmaker Mollie Kellogg presents insights into her new paintings and short film from her Incognito Witch Project series, celebrating hidden magick.

The Incognito Witch Project, celebrating hidden magick, started as a series of mixed-media paintings in 2009. Over the years it has grown to about two-dozen paintings and several short films featuring Incognito Witch characters.

In preparation for a presentation in April 2014 of several news works and screening of my latest short film, I began a quest to further and more succinctly explain the concepts of "hidden magick," the witches, and the ramifications of suppressing one's light to conform to societal pressures.

While crafting my messages, I was brought to the concept of Jung's "hidden psyche." It was what I had been searching for -- it made all the other words and phrases I had strung together to explain myself over the years seem decorative in comparison.

Part of what drove me to seek this clearer understanding was the response of many self-selected participants who have confessed to wanting to be a part of my project because they struggled with self-love.

For my presentation, I interviewed participants, asking them to share examples of how inner magick had helped them. I consulted with an experienced psychiatrist and enlisted the assistance of Integral Lifework author, T.Collins Logan (my husband) to present the concepts of accessing one's "Inner Witch" as a form of self-healing. I sited personal stories and conveyed my clarified message.

Following the presentation several people came up to me and said they really needed to hear that inspirational message and thanked me. For them, and for everyone open to the possibilities, I created  this video.


Hanging the Broker's Building Show

Painting video diary XXI. Is it possible to go backwards and forward? In progress, has some features that are not right yet and are in need of fixin'. The goal for these past (now) five works was to push myself to new place. This painting as well as the painting of Sunrise have pulled in aspects of earlier works that I really like while still evolving. I really see my biggest struggle as striking a balance creating what feels to me like a finished work while retaining unfinished elements. Painting video diary XXII. This painting "Medicine Man" really does cross a lot of ground, from past work, past past work, while still going somewhere new. It's just been an interesting process allowing myself to try new things on these five works I've been documenting. I am grateful for this time and space and ability to explore and I'm grateful that you have allowed me to share this with you. Once this is dry I will put on the final coat and I need to start putting hanging wire on all the new works because the show hangs in 2 days. Painting video diary XXIII. Textures. Show hung. Painting video diary XXIV. Post reception wrap up. Great show tonight! Thank you everyone who came out! 30 second video not enough to let you know the show is up for the rest of the month at First UU San Diego! If you were at the show feedback is welcome! David Oleary of Snapps Productions taped the presentation and I am in the process of editing it. I will post when complete. Photo from reception: More reception photos at Completed paintings are at