Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Incognito Witch: Missing You" Rehearsal Pics (animated gif)

G the Incognito Witch has been feeling neglected as Artwork by Mollie Kellogg has been getting more of my attention. So, I created this little animated gif to reassure her I am working on her next video, though a little further behind schedule than she would like. It is a dance video with original music and introduces the new character, Ginger Anxiety!! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are you suppressing your Inner Magick?


Artist and filmmaker Mollie Kellogg presents insights into her new paintings and short film from her Incognito Witch Project series, celebrating hidden magick.

The Incognito Witch Project, celebrating hidden magick, started as a series of mixed-media paintings in 2009. Over the years it has grown to about two-dozen paintings and several short films featuring Incognito Witch characters.

In preparation for a presentation in April 2014 of several news works and screening of my latest short film, I began a quest to further and more succinctly explain the concepts of "hidden magick," the witches, and the ramifications of suppressing one's light to conform to societal pressures.

While crafting my messages, I was brought to the concept of Jung's "hidden psyche." It was what I had been searching for -- it made all the other words and phrases I had strung together to explain myself over the years seem decorative in comparison.

Part of what drove me to seek this clearer understanding was the response of many self-selected participants who have confessed to wanting to be a part of my project because they struggled with self-love.

For my presentation, I interviewed participants, asking them to share examples of how inner magick had helped them. I consulted with an experienced psychiatrist and enlisted the assistance of Integral Lifework author, T.Collins Logan (my husband) to present the concepts of accessing one's "Inner Witch" as a form of self-healing. I sited personal stories and conveyed my clarified message.

Following the presentation several people came up to me and said they really needed to hear that inspirational message and thanked me. For them, and for everyone open to the possibilities, I created  this video.


Hanging the Broker's Building Show

Painting video diary XXI. Is it possible to go backwards and forward? In progress, has some features that are not right yet and are in need of fixin'. The goal for these past (now) five works was to push myself to new place. This painting as well as the painting of Sunrise have pulled in aspects of earlier works that I really like while still evolving. I really see my biggest struggle as striking a balance creating what feels to me like a finished work while retaining unfinished elements. Painting video diary XXII. This painting "Medicine Man" really does cross a lot of ground, from past work, past past work, while still going somewhere new. It's just been an interesting process allowing myself to try new things on these five works I've been documenting. I am grateful for this time and space and ability to explore and I'm grateful that you have allowed me to share this with you. Once this is dry I will put on the final coat and I need to start putting hanging wire on all the new works because the show hangs in 2 days. Painting video diary XXIII. Textures. Show hung. Painting video diary XXIV. Post reception wrap up. Great show tonight! Thank you everyone who came out! 30 second video not enough to let you know the show is up for the rest of the month at First UU San Diego! If you were at the show feedback is welcome! David Oleary of Snapps Productions taped the presentation and I am in the process of editing it. I will post when complete. Photo from reception: More reception photos at Completed paintings are at

Monday, March 17, 2014

“Incognito Witch” Magick Continues in New Paintings and Short Film by Mollie Kellogg

  You Me Us by Mollie Kellogg 60”x48” mixed media

Meet the artist in San Diego April 8, 2014 from 6-8:30pm
Bard Hall Gallery, First UU Church in Hillcrest

(San Diego, March, 2014) Artist Mollie Kellogg will present the next phase of her Incognito Witch Project in April in San Diego. Kellogg’s new paintings and music video continue her series celebrating hidden magick that began in 2009.

Her award-winning semi-nude and draped Incognito Witch paintings reveal her subjects’ hidden psyche – suppressed to adapt to societal pressures. The portraits are stunning mixed-media-on-canvas that cast mere mortals as magickal beings draped in mysterious fabrics, adorned with jewels and leaves. Incognito Witches are hard to miss. “They wear messy lipstick and nature adornments in their hair,” says Kellogg. “They have a signature flash of color under their eyes, and the female witches love their jewels.”

The new works place the witches in outdoor settings. In the evocative You Me Us, a woman poses with her two daughters, heads adorned in flowers, the mother clutching a gilt hand mirror. Sunrise depicts a voluptuous young woman draped in shag leather in a field of flowers; the portraits, Kellogg says, “are about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and the power that comes with self acceptance.” 

“There is a raw, powerful, and beautiful eloquence to these women,” says Bob Hogge, the former director of Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in New York City, of Kellogg’s paintings. “They haunt the viewer long after you walk away from them.”

Titled “Paint My Life,” Kellogg’s accompanying three-minute music video features G the Incognito Witch, a character inspired by Kellogg’s paintings. In this newest installment, Kellogg returns as G, who confronts her inner child and finds herself surrounded by other people who may be witches themselves.

Kellogg has received emails from fans who say that the first G video, the quirky Nobody Loves Fat G, moved them to tears. “They write that she’s telling their story,” Kellogg says. G also resonates strongly with children, and the first video has been accepted to show in schools in India.

Kellogg’s new work will be on exhibit in a two-person show with Renee Tay, April 2 through May 5, 2014 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, Bard Hall Gallery, 4190 Front St. in San Diego, CA. Open business hours and Sundays 9am-12pm (Check in with office.)

The public is invited April 8, 2014:
6-7 pm Artist Reception

6:30 pm Video Screening
7-8:30 pm Artist Presentation and Discussion

For information, email or visit

Above right: Sunrise by Mollie Kellogg 36”x60” mixed media; left: Paint My Life Production Still with Mollie Kellogg as G